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 New skill list.

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: New skill list.    Tue May 16, 2017 12:59 pm

1. : Scouting - The Skill to find hidden explosives, specific targets, traps etc.
2. : Hacking - The Skill to hack into any vehicle, computer or Titan Mainframe.
3. : Beast Mastery - The Skill to tame any wild beast in the near area. This beast will help you attack for 5 turns, giving you a 2nd Combat Roll for that duration. The Beast will do 2/4 dmg. 2 normal, 4 crit. After 5 turns, it dies.
4. : Extreme Triage - The Skill to mend a wound that would normally kill a vigil member or NPC ally.
5. : Linguistics - The Skill to understand any foreign language from Horde, Alliance or other races. For this skill you only have to roll for initiation, you succeed, then you don't have to roll anymore for that event.
6. : Bribe - The Skill to succesfully bribe an enemy to switch sides for 3 turns. During those 3 turns he will be an NPC that deals 2 dmg. After 3 turns, he flees.
7. : Blacksmithing - The Skill to craft armor, weapons, chains, shields and sharpening stones. Also used to repair armor and weapons.
8. : Engineering - The Skill to craft rifles, gadgets, explosives. Also needed to repair guns, bows and crossbows.
9. : Diplomacy - The Skill to barter peace and possible alliances between the Vigil and their enemies.
10. : Seduction - The Skill to seduce an enemy, distracting him/her while the rest of the Vigil sneaks by or a fellow Vigil Member sneaks behind the target and incapacitates him/her.
11.: Tailoring - used to repair cloth armor.
12.: Leatherworking - used to repair leather and mail armor.
13.: Enchanting - used to place enchants upon armor.

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New skill list.
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