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 Lance Corporal Daniel Jameson

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Daniel Jameson
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PostSubject: Lance Corporal Daniel Jameson   Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:52 pm

Sheet: TVS 1.4
Name: Lance Corporal Daniel Jameson
Race + Class (Level): Stormwindian Standard Bearer, or bannerboy, if you prefer
System Level: 1

{ HEALTH: 36 } - { POWER: 34 }

< Combat: 34 > - [[ Avoidance: 33 ]] – (( Healing: n/a))

- Standard issue Alliance sword and shield: (1 hand + shield) 6/8 -2 damage taken

- Spear-tipped Warbanner: (Polearm) 7/9

- Alliance plate (Plate) +2HP

#1: 'No Superstes!' (Translated to No survivors): Jameson stabs a foe in the chest with the Warbanner, proceeding to lift them up and toss them over his shoulder, having them knocked prone and stunned for 1 turn and dealing 3 damage. ( 8 )

#2: 'Rally to me!' Jameson cries out an encouraging battle speech, giving all members of the vigil +1 to damage and +1 to avoidance for 2 turns (14)

#3: 'Look at me!': Jameson unleashes a taunting warcry, forcing a foe to attack him for a turn instead of it's existing ally, this means said foe does get to swing at Jameson! ( 8 )

#4: 'one, two, bleedthrough': Jameson shieldbashes or breaks the guard of  a target, opening their guard for a laceration from his weapon, this deals 5 damage and 3 bleed for two turns after. (16)

#5: 'By my banner, we stand tall!' Jameson slams the Warbanner to the ground, planting it there for all of the Vigil to see, boosting morale for three turns! This grants a +2 to all stats for three turns, but whilst the banner is placed, Jameson cannot use it as a weapon. (30)

~6 'Relentless Patriotism': (Passive) When this ability is unlocked. The first time each fortnight Jameson is KOed. His unyielding patriotism and desire to fight for his king burns brighter than ever, this allows Jameson to continue fighting even with wounds that would slay a normal soldier. Jameson cannot be healed in this state as the wounds he likely sustained require proper medical care, however, every turn Jameson remains standing, he rolls a d100 willpower check. If he passes (difficulty up to the DM) he continues to fight and cannot be slain that turn. If he fails, he instantly KOes as his formidable willpower finally fails him. This also occurs at the end of a combat. Further more, all wounds he would've sustained still do apply when he passes out, so all the lacerations and broken limbs will still need to be fixed, it is just his unwillingness to 'die'. Finally, Jameson consumes all remaining power in doing this, so all abilities bar No Superstes or one two bleedthrough can't be used. The latter can optionally be used for no power in this state due to his relentless fighting spirit.
(Note this ability can well get Jameson killed if he survived a wound that could cause a near instant fatality when his willpower gives out. Up to DMs! Smile)
Diplomacy: 0/30
Intimdation: 0/30
Blacksmithing: 0/30

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Re: Lance Corporal Daniel Jameson   Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:15 pm

Abilities approved. Very original. Cannot wait to see them in action.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Kate Charden

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PostSubject: Re: Lance Corporal Daniel Jameson   Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:35 pm

Looks good to me, I'll enjoy seeing you in action Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Lance Corporal Daniel Jameson   

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Lance Corporal Daniel Jameson
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