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 Gwen Sunflare

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Kate Charden

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PostSubject: Gwen Sunflare   Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:33 pm

Name: Gwen Sunflare
Half-Elf Mage Hunter(110)
System Level: 2

{ HEALTH: 27 } - { POWER: 30 }

< Combat: 36 > - [[ Avoidance: 36 ]] – (( Healing: 30 ))

- Conjured Blades#1 [Dual Wielding]: 8 Damage, 8 Crit

- Arcane Magic#2 [Base Magic]: 6 Damage, 8 Crit

- Backup Blades#3 [Dual Wielding]: 8 Damage, 8 Crit

- Mage Hunter's Leather (Leather): +1 Health and Power

- Elven Silver Ring (Ring): +2 Health

1: Arcane Ward(Passive): Gwen has been taught to always have a ward around her, because of this most damage to her is reduced. So long as Gwen is conscious, and there is nothing that would prevent the ward from existing, she has the benefits of a shield, reducing damage accordingly.

4: Blink Strike (4 per target) Choose 4 targets. Deal 4 damage to each. The same target may be chosen multiple times.

6: Displacement (2 per damage dealt) Gwen displaces an ally and blinks herself into their spot. She uses this as a distraction
to dodge the incoming attack and deal damage back to the attacker equal to the damage they would have dealt.

8: Arcane imprisonment (3) Gwen binds her foe in a web of arcane energy, preventing them from moving. Stuns the target for 3 turns.

10: Mana Vortex (All remaining power) Gwen focuses all her mana on one spot, slowly forming a vortex. She devotes her attention
to the vortex for this turn and the next two turns after. On the third turn this vortex is unleashed, dealing damage to either:
Four targets where damage is equal to half power spent or
One target, dealing the full amount of spent power in damage

12: Power of the Arcane (Once every week at most) Gwen charges herself with mana, holding nothing back.
For the next five turns Gwen's power is at the cap +5 and is restored to full when she uses an ability.

Her Blink Strike can target an additional two targets.

If Mana Vortex is used then the power used to activate the ability it increased by 10. She can keep channeling the ability if
Power of the Arcane ends before Mana Vortex is complete. If Mana Vortex is completed before Power of the Arcane ends then it
ends automatically when the Vortex is released.

The main cost of Power of the Arcane is that Gwen starts withering after using it. She used all her mana, without holding
anything back, in a very short amount of time and as a result she will suffer for it. This will mainly affect RP however it is
highly likely she'll be unable to act too much in the following few days as she recovers..

- Linguistics: 10
- Scouting: 10
- Enchanting: 10
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Gwen Sunflare
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