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 Machial, Chieftain's Advisor.

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Machial, Chieftain's Advisor.   Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:53 pm

Sheet System: 1.0
Name: Firecaller Machial.
Race + Class(level): Tanarian Mage(110)
System Level: 1

Health: 22. Power: 40.
Combat: 30 Avoidance: 30


Spells - Base Magic - 4 dmg, 6 crit.

Staff of the Inferno - Staff - 2 dmg, 4 crit.


Plated Robe - Cloth - +2 Power.


"By Fire be Purged!"(10 Power): Machials utters an incantation and expels a Pyroblast, dealing 5 dmg.

"Time to Die!"(20 Power): Machial incinerates a piece of land and deals 5 dmg to four enemies within the area. If there are less then four enemies in the area, the damage is spread equally.

"Unlimited..Power!"(30 Power): Machial seals an enemy inside an arcane bubble and drains out all the oxygen, forcing the target to suffocate and suffer 15 dmg.

"No way! I won't die here!"(10 Power): Machial surrounds himself with an arcane barrier, preventing any damage for 2 turns.

"No Mercy.."(40 Power): Machial spends 3 turns charging up his arcane.(Only works if Machial does not suffer -any- dmg for 3 straight turns) and then summons down a crashing meteor, dealing 10 dmg to 4 enemies.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Machial, Chieftain's Advisor.
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