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 Jake Silversmith

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Jake Silversmith

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PostSubject: Jake Silversmith   Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:20 pm

Name: Jake Richards
Race + Class (Level): Afflicted human Scout (110)
System Level: 9

Health: 32 (33 with armour)
Power: 34 (35 with armour)
Combat: 36
Avoidance: 36

– Wolf's bite [Two handed sword]: 6 Damage, 8 Crit

– The String of Renarion [Bow]: 5 Damage, 7 Crit

- Armour of the Wolf (Mail): +1 HP + 1 Power

#1: Battle Dance (Passive, max of 3): Jake starts each event with 1 charge of Battle Dance. After a total of 10 damage taken he gains another charge. After a total of 20 damage he gains another.

Jake can use a 'charge' of Battle Dance to increase the results of a combat roll by 1 stage.

#2: Eat this! (9): Jake uses the grenades he carries on him, dealing 1DMG to a total of 3 targets and stun for 2 rounds of combat.

#3: Not on my watch! (2 per dmg taken): Jake intervenes with an attack, taking the damage aimed for an ally and giving them a chance to get out of harms way!

#4: Worgen Fury(4 per target): Jake chooses up to four targets, lashing out at them for 4 damage each.  He may choose a target multiple times.

#5: Worgen Rage (4 power per turn. No drain on activation): When Jake deals damage to the same target succesfully twice in a row, the damage of that second roll is increased by 2.

#6: Might of the Curse (20): Jake enters a stage of pure, focused rage. For the next 5 rounds Jake deals an additional 2 damage on combat rolls and his combat and avoidance stats are boosted up to 40. After those 5 rounds, Jake's combat and avoidance stats fall back to 30 for the remainder of the encounter.

#1: Scouting 6/30, 12 or lower
#2: Diplomacy 11/30, 22 or lower
#3: Extreme Triage 4/30, 8 or lower

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Re: Jake Silversmith   Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:13 pm

#4 cost up. Abilities approved.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Jake Silversmith
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