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 Lucia Godwin

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PostSubject: Lucia Godwin   Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:13 pm

Name: Lucia Godwin
Race + Class (Level): Gilnean, Rogue (100)
System Level: 6

{ HEALTH: 25 } - { POWER: 27 }

< Combat: 32 > - [[ Avoidance: 33 ]] – (( Healing: 0 ))

- Swords [Duel-wield] 6 Dmg, no crit


-Own Crafted leathers (Leather): +1 Power +1hp

- 1: Vanish (12): Lucia vanishes from sight. Lucia may choose not to roll for combat while she remains in stealth however this will mean her allies will have a harder time. Lucia can still be targeted by boss abilities and if hit her stealth will be removed.
If Lucia chooses to roll for combat then for that attack only her combat stat and the damage dealt is increased by 4. Regardless of the outcome of the combat roll, Lucia’s stealth will be removed and she returns to combat rolls as normal.

- 4: Target of the Hunt (4): When Lucia rolls a successful combat roll she may activate this ability, choose one target and deal damage to them according to her roll as normal. Every time Lucia attacks them after this her damage against them will be increased by 1. Only one target may be under the effect of this meaning that if Lucia activates this ability on a second target while the first is still alive then the first target will no longer be under the effect of this ability.

- 6: Glory of the Kill (Passive): When Lucia deals damage to an enemy on the round they are killed she regains 2 health and 2 power. This enemy must have started with at least 30hp. If the enemy is under the effect of [Target of the Hunt] then Lucia regains an additional 2 health.

- 8: The backup plan (12): Lucia gets a quickshot on an enemy with her pistol, dealing 6 damage to them.

- 10: I know I have something for this (12): Do /roll 5, depending on the result the one of the following happen:
[1]: Lucia pulls out a healing potion, restoring 6 health to herself or an ally.
[2]: Lucia pulls out an acidic potion, dealing 6 damage spread between enemies however she chooses
[3]: Lucia pulls out a webbing potion, stunning three targets for 3 turns
[4]: Lucia pulls an explosive potion, dealing 8 damage to a target
[5]: Lucia pulls a bad explosive potion, dealing 4 damage to herself

- Skill Name: +0

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Lucia Godwin
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