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 Dame Charlotte Grayson

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Charlotte Grayson

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PostSubject: Dame Charlotte Grayson   Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:36 pm

Name: Charlotte R Grayson
Unafflicted Gilnean Archer (110)
System Level: 4

Health: 32
Power: 45
Combat: 36
Avoidance: 36


- Stinger X [Compound Bow]: 5 Damage, 7 Crit

- Gilnean Rifle #2 [Shotgun]: 6 Damage, 8 Crit

Shadowrunner's Guise (Leather): +1 Health +1 Power

#1 [Luck of the Draw] (Passive)
5 Power
On Charlotte's first move, all damage taken or given is doubled, the result is undetermined by the player and based solely on the roll. When used (Once a day, at the start of any battle) the ability will take 5 of Charlotte's total power.

#2 [Sharp Entrance]
10 Power
Charlotte pulls a dagger from each of her thigh holsters, hastily propelling the dark blades to two enemies, causing 5 damage each.
#2.2 [Bloody Teamwork]
5 Power
An allied player can spend 5 Power and remove the blade from an enemy. To decide the outcome the player must roll 1-2. Outcomes shown below:
1: Dagger slices a major artery on its exit, causing 5 damage.
2: Dagger causes no damage.

#3 [Whistling Arrow]
15 Power
Charlotte launches forth a carved arrow that produces a high pitched frequency as it unknowingly flies past an enemy. The arrow disorientates the foe, allowing the player to select another player that will receive a buff [Double Damage] that can only be used on a regular attack and not on a player using an ability.

#4 ["I will always be with you."]
1 Power per 1 HP restored OR 2Power/2HP per 1 health restored to ally.
The ability has two versions, a self cast or a player cast.
When cast on herself, Charlotte can translate a quantity of her power of her choosing (No higher than 15) into HP.
When cast on a player, she transfers HP to the ally, for each health point she gives, 2 Power and 2 Health are removed from her own pools. (No more than 10HP can be given to an allied player)

#5 ["Our Fight is over"]
15 Power & 10 Health
Charlotte gets down and dirty. This is a high damage attack (15) that costs plentiful power (15), the ability also removes a substantial amount of Charlotte's health.
The result of the ability is a punch and kick fight scenario in which Charlotte decimates the opponent with her teachings of martial arts. Due to the variables of the opponent in shape and size, the emote will be drafted in game at every use.
Ability is subject to a 24 hour cooldown.

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Re: Dame Charlotte Grayson   Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:00 pm

Ability Approved.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Dame Charlotte Grayson
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