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 Kate Charden

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Kate Charden

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PostSubject: Kate Charden   Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:03 am

Name: Kate Charden
Race + Class (Level): Worgen Fighter (110)
System Level: 10 (First Razz)
{ HEALTH: 34 } - { POWER: 34 }

< Combat: 36 > - [[ Avoidance: 36 ]] – (( Healing: 36 ))

- Faithkeeper [2H Great sword]: 8 Damage, 10 Crit

- Light Construct Bow [Bow]: 8 Damage, 10 Crit

- The Light [Base Magic]: 4 Damage, 6 Crit

- Light Chain Armour (Plate): +2 Health

- Varlan's Sacrifice (Necklace): +3 HP, +3 Power (+2 combat but already maxed)

- Renarion Signet Ring (+2HP)

1: Revealing Light: (12 Power) Kate invokes the power of her ring and floods the target with Light. If the target has immunity to Light it becomes resistance instead. If they have resistance then they lose it. If they would take normal damage, it is now increased by 2 from Light based attacks. If they have vulnerability then they now take an additional 4 damage from Light based attacks. This ability can affect most bosses.

4: Wild Instinct: (Variable) Block an attack aimed at an ally. Deal damage equal to the damage the blocked attack would
have done back at the attacking creature. This ability costs twice the damage dealt in power. If the full cost is unable to
be paid in power, lose health equal to the remaining damage.

6: The Blue Flame's Guard: (12 power) Kate holds out her signet ring and summons a series of weapons. These allow her to, for this turn and next turn, roll two additional combat rolls. The weapons deal damage equal to unarmed weapons. No damage is dealt if these fail the combat roll.

8: Enrage: (Passive/ 6 power to activate each stage)

When Kate has taken a total of 10 damage she can activate state one.
This makes her combat rolls apply to the following table instead of the normal one:

1-8 : Damage taken
9-12: No damage taken or dealt
13-22: Normal damage
23+: Critical damage

When Kate has taken a total of 20 damage she can activate stage 2, meaning damage she deals through normal and critical combat rolls is increased by 2

When Kate has taken a total of 30 damage she can activate stage 3, meaning damage she deals through normal and critical combat rolls is further increased by 2

If a PC or important ally dies in Kate's presence she imediately gains the benefits of all stages at the cost of 8 power per stage gained

10: Animalistic Endurance: (Passive) When Kate takes or deals 4 or more damage in a single instance she regains 1 power

12: The Light's Champion: (All remaining power, at least 12, and half of her current health) Kate becomes empowered by the
Light and harnesses it with deadly proficiency. Deals damage equal to the total health and power spent, split across all
enemies however Kate chooses.
After this Kate falls unconcious (or becomes to weak to fight) but is stable. She can be revived through specific abilities or three successful heal attempts
If she is revived she rejoins combat but cannot use any abilities and doesn't benefit from her passives.
Kate can only do this once a week at most.

- Blacksmithing 20/30

- Diplomacy 19/30

- Linguistics 16/30

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Re: Kate Charden   Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:00 pm

Abilities Approved.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Kate Charden
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