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 The Valorous System 1.2.

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: The Valorous System 1.2.   Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:59 am

Welcome all members of the Vigil!

I am going to explain the new changes in the system sheet for you and at the end give you an example template.

#1 : Misfire.

From today, Hunters and Rogues who use guns will have to abide by the Misfire Protocol. This works as such, if you do a combat roll and you fail (rolling 10 or lower) then your rifle/pistol/flintlocke will misfire. The next combat roll you may roll to repair it, if you fail that too (rolling 10 or lower) your rifle/pistol/flintlocke breaks and you'll be forced to use your secondary weapon for the remainder of the event. These failed rolls can NOT be countered by Abilities.

#2 : Additional Points.

From today, every time you level up you are granted 5 points. However, here is where it gets abit tricky. From Level 1 to 5, you can put those 5 points wherever you choose to put them. BUT Starting from Level 5, you will gain 5 specific points. 2 Statistic Points and 3 Skill Points. Statistics Points can -only- be put in your Statistics and Skill Points can -only- be put in your Skills.

#3 : Extra Ability.

Along in this improved version, a 6th Ability can be added and unlocked at Level 12. This Ablity can differ slightly from the other 5. While in the other 5 we ask you to remain abit realistic, the 6th Ability can be as OP as you want it to be. You can become the embodiment of Light, summon a Pit Lord, Turn into a Valarjar for a few turns. However, this Ability, like the others, will adhere to the Ability cost rules. Single Target Abilities follow the formula of Cost = double damage. 15 dmg? 30 Power cost. AoE Abilities follow the formula of Damage x Target = cost. 5 dmg x 5 targets = 25 power.

#4 : Event Item Drops.

Starting from today, officers and officers only, may host events that will drop an item for the members to boost their stats. These items may be Rings, Trinkets, Necklaces, Tomes or Enchantments.
After the Event is over, The Officer hosting it will name the item and their stats. Those who want it, can then do a normal roll. (/roll 100). The highest roll then wins the item.
You can only have 2 such items on your person and you cannot win twice in a row, just to keep things fair.

#5 : Skills and Skill List.

This topic is a tad tricky, I'll try to be as clear as possible. Skills are a part in your sheet that allow you to influence events, to make it more unpredictable. We still have the basic concept but we don't follow the same route. Each member can have 3 skills maximum in their sheet and they must be something your character is ICly actually good at. 1 Skill Point = 2 Roll Points. This means the following: You have 5 skill points in a skill? then you have to roll 10 or lower to succeed. You have 10 Skill points? then you have to roll 20 or lower.
You can have a maximum of 30 Skill Points in 1 skill. Once your skill is maxed out, you cannot fail anymore, you'll be a Master in that type of skill.
Below follows a skill list of skills you are allowed to put in your skill list:
1. : Scouting - The Skill to find hidden explosives, specific targets, traps etc.
2. : Hacking - The Skill to hack into any vehicle, computer or Titan Mainframe.
3. : Beast Mastery - The Skill to tame any wild beast in the near area. This beast will help you attack for 5 turns, giving you a 2nd Combat Roll for that duration. The Beast will do 2/4 dmg. 2 normal, 4 crit. After 5 turns, it dies.
4. : Extreme Triage - The Skill to mend a wound that would normally kill a vigil member or NPC ally.
5. : Linguistics - The Skill to understand any foreign language from Horde, Alliance or other races. For this skill you only have to roll for initiation, you succeed, then you don't have to roll anymore for that event.
6. : Bribe - The Skill to succesfully bribe an enemy to switch sides for 3 turns. During those 3 turns he will be an NPC that deals 2 dmg. After 3 turns, he flees.
7. : Blacksmithing - The Skill to craft armor, weapons, chains, shields and sharpening stones.
8. : Engineering - The Skill to craft rifles, gadgets, explosives, do-hickeys and watchamacallit's.
9. : Diplomacy - The Skill to barter peace and possible alliances between the Vigil and their enemies.
10. : Seduction - The Skill to seduce an enemy, distracting him/her while the rest of the Vigil sneaks by or a fellow Vigil Member sneaks behind the target and incapacitates him/her.


Below you will find a template of how a complete sheet should look like:
Quote :
Sheet System : 1.2
Name : Penelope du Puchon.
Race + Class(level) : Human Warrior(110)

Health : 40
Power : 40
Combat Roll : 36
Avoidance Roll : 36
Healing Roll : 36 (Only applies to classes that can actually heal.)

Primary Weapon : Blade of Utgarde, 2h Sword, 6 dmg, 8 crit.

Secondary Weapon: Blue Flames, base magic, 4 dmg, 6 crit.

Dagonet's Armor. Plate armor. +2 Health.
Band of Cruelty, Ring, +1 Combat Roll, +1 Power.
Earrings of the North, Trinket, +1 Power, +1 Avoidance Roll.


#1 : (Ability Here.)

#2 : (Ability Here)

#3 : (Ability Here)

#4 : (Ability Here)

#5 : (Ability Here)

#6 : (Ability Here)


#1 : Hacking 30/30, 60 or lower.
#2 : Engineering 30/30, 60 or lower.
#3 : Seduction 30/30, 60 or lower.

Remember that the template is above is an example of how a -Complete- sheet should look like. Those above lvl 5 atm may now add their given Skill points. Skill points, not stat points.
I hope I've been clear and if not, don't hesitate to ask.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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The Valorous System 1.2.
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