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 Erinn Haig

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Erinn Haig

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PostSubject: Erinn Haig   Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:56 am

Sheet System : 1.2
Name : Erinn Haig
Race + Class(level) : half-elf mage(6)
Health : 30
Power : 39
Combat Roll : 36
Avoidance Roll : 36

Primary Weapon : Arcane/frost/fire (Spells, 6 dmg, 8 crit.)

Secondary Weapon: Frost-formed claws (Dual-wield, 8 Damage)

Robes of unknown origin: +2 power


#1 : Prismatic barrier (Power cost = Twice the damage blocked): Protects target from failed roll, preventing them from taking damage.

#2 : In comes the cavalry (10 power): A random Wintershroud leaps into the fray, regardless of location, dealing 5 Damage to the target.

#3 : Magic mirror (Cost = Damage reflected doubled): Uses the power of displacement to deflect any magical attack to the attacker, dealing full damage

#4 : Amplify (/roll 10 to decide power cost): Erinn empowers an ally with energy, their next non-critical attack deals an additional (/roll for cost, then half the number rolled) damage.

#5 : 0 zone (12 power): places a magical rune on the ground, up to 3 additional allies can cast a single ability, with no power cost. (Does not work for 6th ability for balancing reasons)

#6 : Limit break
(All remaining power, all but 5 HP): Erinn's power is overloaded, her body becomes engulfed in the energies she manipulates, becoming a horrific amalgamation of Arcane, Frost and Fire, going berserk in order to vent the energy out and save her life.
-Erinn becomes too agile to be damaged
-Upon a combat roll, must /roll
-Damage is determined by roll, unable to preform decisive strikes, she wildly slashes at the target, dealing 1 point of damage. Rolling 10 will deal 10 damage and so on.
-Upon killing a number of enemies determined by roll, killing a specific enemy or running out of health, Erinn reverts to her usual self, becoming too exhausted to act for the remainder of the event.


#1 : Linguistics - 6
#2 : Hacking - 3
#3 : Seduction - 5

"After all, we're completely incomprehensible!" -Ymir Hartford

"For the liberation of my people, your life is forfeit." -Erinn Haig

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Erinn Haig
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