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 Onix (Character sheet)

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PostSubject: Onix (Character sheet)   Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:24 pm

Name: Onix
Race + class (Level): Worgen Druid (Level 110)
System Level:5

{ HEALTH: 29 } - { POWER: 36 }

< Combat: 31 > - [[ Avoidance: 36 ]] – (( Healing: 36))

- Druidic magic (varies on location) [Magic]: 6 Damage, 8 Crit

- Effigy of Aviana [staff]: 3 Damage, 5 Crit

- Garments of remembrance (Leather): Health +1 Power +1

- Ability Name (Cost): Ability Effect.

-Cenarion ward (12) Coats target in a faint Emerald shield lasting a single turn or blocking a single strike, upon shattering it is absorbed into the target healing them for 4 points of health.

- Sow,Blow and Grow (6x targets) Fetches a fistful of seeds from her bag, throwing them to the air, followed by a strong gust of wind to all foes near her, (effect depends on size and weight) then causes the seeds to grow in a sudden mass of vines, rooting them in place.

- Druidic Grace (Passive (needs approval)) A druid needs natures aid, with it they can due great feats, though without they are also severely hindered, drawing upon natures natural energy to empower their magic.  Depending on the location will increase or decrease their damage or healing, To a maximum of 3 points.

- Skill Name: +0

#1 Beast Mastery 1/30
#2 Extreme Triage 1/30
#3 Diplomacy 7/30
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Onix (Character sheet)
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