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 Ahri Stormpaw

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PostSubject: Ahri Stormpaw   Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:30 pm

Character Sheet:
Name: Ahri Stormpaw
System Level: 6 (Level 110)

Race: Pandaren
Class: Spirit Guide

Health: 25
Power: 30

Combat: 36
Avoidance: 30
Healing: 36


- Spiritual Healing [Base Healing]: 4 Health, 6 crit

- Spiritual Magic [Base Magic]: 6 Damage, 8 Crit

- Soul Scythes [Dual wield]: 8 Damage, 8 Crit


- Scaled Armor (Mail): 1 Health, 1 Power


- Scouting: +5 10/60

- Extreme Triage: +10 20/60

- Diplomacy: +5 10/60


#1: Stone Wall (6): Stops incomming damage from physical melee attacks or projectiles for 1 turn on a single target. (Requires dirt, stone, rocks or some other form of earth nearby)

New #1: Astral Shift (6): Partially shifts herself and a friendly target into the spirit realm, becomming ethereal and able to evade any incomming damage.

#2: Lava Surge (8 ): Heaves Lava from the earth and directs this bolt of lava at a targeted enemy to deal 4 damage. (Requires solid ground beneath her feet to draw or mold the lava from)

New #2: Spirit Surge (10): Channels a quick surge of disruptive spiritual energy to damage a single enemy for 5 damage.

#3: Lightning Overload (2 x targets): Seperates energy within the air to create lightning, sending forth beams of electric energy to a maximum of 5 targets. (Requires the flow of air to be present -luckily this is the case 99% of the time:P)

New #3: Spirit Overload (2 x targets): Launches forth a beam of spiritual energy to partially sever the connection between body and soul for a brief moment up to a maximum of 5 targets.

#4: Water Font (power x targets): Calls upon the soothing powers of water, directing water into a glob above her head, firing smaller bolts of water towards friendly targets, healing their lesser wounds. (Requires a source of water or 2 full water pouches)(Unlocks at level:8 )

New #4: Essence Font (power x targets): Calls upon the soothing powers of the spirit world, directing energy into a glob above her head, firing smaller bolts of chi energy towards friendly targets, healing their lesser wounds. (Unlocks at level:8 )

5: Spiritual Guidance (15): Requests the aid of the Spirit Guardian to appear... (Unlocks at level:10)

6: ... (...): ... (Unlocks at level:12)

The idea of how Ahri came to be and how I got to this point.

Just to get a bit of an idea of my char. Ahri was my main character as a raider ever since Cataclysm (ofcourse not as a Pandaren Wink) At that point, I never even really knew about RP or aknowledged it's existence. Only after meeting some people during the end of Warlords of Draenor did I figure out this beautifull part of the game and with the start of Legion I made the decision to fully stop raiding and start focussing completely on RP.

Now you probably think "Ahri, wtf does this even have to do with anything?!" Good question. When creating this character, I allready felt some sort of connection. In my mind I knew exactly what I wanted Ahri to be, what I thought she was from all those years of raiding. So I thought, why not take all those years of raiding and build around that idea of having taken part in those events.

Basicly the idea is that Ahri was traveling Azeroth before the Mist of Pandaria expansion, having taken part in these events, though not as a mayor role ofcourse. Now as my raiding ended with Hellfire Citadel, so to did I think it appropriate to end her presence in these wars with this. With certain events taking place within the walls of Hellfire Citadel, Ahri changed as the war partioner she was and converted into her curent day self.

Where ever this new path may lead her is something to be seen, but I plan on taking the most enjoyment out of the game through Rp now. I hope you guys will become another wonderfull new chapter to this.

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PostSubject: Re: Ahri Stormpaw   Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:55 am

Ahri, I like the little history bit you put in! Let's see if we can make that happen for you! Smile

As for your sheet. Might want to look at the lay-out, think it messed up a bit so need a bit of editing.

Your ability you have to add a cost, is it a single-attack based defense or aeo? Our system works as followed:

Single-target ability is quite simple cost-wise: Damage done/shielded x2 = cost. (Example: 4 dmg done/shielded = 8 power)

Aeo is slightly more tricky: Damage done x number of opponents = cost. (Example: 5 damage to 4 opponents is 5x4=20 power in total)

I hope this helps abit! If you can't figure it out or have questions, approach one of the officers either here on the forum, or in game! We're here to help!

May your feet always carry you down the right path!
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Ahri Stormpaw
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