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 Troy Ragnor

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PostSubject: Troy Ragnor   Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:33 pm

Name: Troy Ragnor
Race + Class (Level): Afflicted Gilnean fighter (110)
System Level: 2

{ HEALTH: 23 } - { POWER: 25 }

< Combat: 36 > - < Avoidance: 36 > – (( Healing: 0 ))

What is very noticable, is Troys huge crossbow, and he clearly knows how to use it, the bolts shoot far, and the blades on the side make it function as an axe, handy indeed.

- Heart piercer:  [crossbow]: 5 HP DMG, 7 CRIT
- Heart piercer:  [2H axe]: 6 HP DMG, 8 CRIT

Troy wears a thick and heavy looking armour set, and it clearly has seen many battles, yet it still function properly to this day.

-Tanks shell (plate): +2 health
-Ring of empowerment A ring that has been found when the Deathknight Albath Ruad fled, it seems to not hold any corruption. +2 health

- "Stubborn old man" (5pp passive): Troy has gone trough many battles, and that made him resilient, resilient enough that if he is to receive a fatal blow that is to incapacitate him, he can tough it out for 1/2(dm's choice) more rounds so he can still fend of until a healer can aid him, or not. works once per combat event
[unlocked at level 1]

-"use your head" (4pp 2dmg): They call him 'iron skull' for a reason, Troy grabs his opponent and brings him close to give him a boneshattering headbutt, with such power that it dazes and maby even knocks down an opponent, leaving him open for his allies to attack, only works on humanoids, or a creature that has an easily reachable head.(includes dragging down to Troys level)
[unlocked at level 4]

-"Get behind me!" (dmg absored x2): Troy uses his tall body to shield someone smaller then him from a blow, taking over the roll for him/her, and the damage that comes with it, only works if the ally is next to him.
[unlocked at level 6]

-"Surefooted" (5pp): he's tall, he's heavy, he wears plate, he's just not easily knocked down, It takes efford to knock Troy down to the ground.
[unlocked at level 8]

-"Cleave!" (5dmg x targets=pp): Troy swings his crossbow in an arc hoping to hit up to three enemies in one go, large weapons have large reach.
[unlocked at level 10]

-"One man army" (30) Troy takes on up to four enemies on at the same time, distracting them from the rest and keeping them at bay in serious of slashes, kicks, punches, and any other way he has in his arsenal, this takes alot out of him and suffers damage, but this leaves the enemy atleast occupied.
[unlocked at level 12]


- Linguistics:+0
- Diplomacy:+0
- Scouting:+0

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Erinn Haig

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PostSubject: Re: Troy Ragnor   Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:59 pm

Abilities approved!

"After all, we're completely incomprehensible!" -Ymir Hartford

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Jake Silversmith

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PostSubject: Re: Troy Ragnor   Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:10 pm

Hey Troy! I looked at your sheet! As for your ability you had a question about!
"Get behind me!". A reasonable cost for this one would be damage absorbed x2. (So he takes 2 dmg? Cost is 4power. 4 dmg? 8 power etc etc!)

Furthermore I like the style of your sheet! I approve, you can now use your sheet! Very Happy

May your feet always carry you down the right path!
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PostSubject: Re: Troy Ragnor   

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Troy Ragnor
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